Sunday, August 12, 2007

Strong Silent Type

I was on my way home when I decided to stop by a neighborhood fast food restaurant. When I first entered, I was taken back by the loud singing that I initially thought was music coming from a jukebox. You see that little boy sitting alone at the table with a jar of dollar bills? That is Juan. The man singing with the microphone is his uncle, Joseph. He makes his living as a lounge singer. They go from one restaurant to another working for tips. Juan is what you would called, "the strong, silent type". He had been hiding under the table to avoid talking to me. "Come here and say what's your name...How old are you?", Joseph asked. Even with his uncle's persuasion, he only managed to say a few words. Joseph and I simply looked at each other and laughed. He affectionately patted his nephew's head as if to tell him, "it's okay". Before I said goodbye, I walked over to Juan and slipped a couple of bucks into the jar. Even though Juan doesn't perform, he and his uncle are a team. They seem to take good care of each other.

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