Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Late for the Gravy Train

When I walk the streets of L.A., I am constantly reminded of how precarious life can be. I have a car, a good job, and a warm bed to sleep in at night. Breaking the illusion of comfort and security is the realization that I could lose everything in an instant. I could be a serious accident, long-term illness or unemployment away from being on the street, have I not been blessed with a close family and friends who would catch me from falling too deep into such predicament. However, not everyone is as fortunate as I am. There are the "half-homeless" who go to work every morning just like you and me. The difference is that Instead of returning to a house or an apartment in the evening, they retreat to their vehicles that is their home. Click here to watch video.

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Slices said...

You have great awareness, that is definitely a blessing. We all have much to be thankfull for, and most of us barely realize it!