Sunday, November 11, 2007

All Grown Up

I took my friend Hoon and his family on a photo shoot at a park today. The girls received traditional Korean dresses from their grandfather as birthday gifts, and Hoon wanted to send pictures back home to him in Korea. Here's a little funny exchange between Lana, Hoon, and me....

Lana: George.

George: Yes, Lana?
Lana: I put on my socks.
George: You mean, you put them on by yourself?!
Lana: Yeah.
George: Good job! High five! (Gives Lana a high five)
Lana: I put on my socks yesterday.
George: You put them on by yourself yesterday too?
Lana: Yeah.

(Hoon joins in the conversation)

Hoon: Lana's a big girl now...putting on socks all by herself.
Lana: Yeah, Lana's a big girl.
Hoon: Lana could move out of the house now, huh, Lana?

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